NIOS DELED SBA School Based Activities (Case Study, Register, School Program)

NIOS Deled teachers will have to undergo School Based Activities during the course study. There will be 120 hours allotted for the D.El.Ed SBA. This activity contains 100 marks in final assessment. So this is very important for the untrained teachers to do this School Based Activities. In this SBA candidates have do activities like Maintaining School Register, do a case study on school child and contribution to the school programs.

Candidates those who are studying under NIOS D.EL.ED 501 502 and 503 courses they have to do SBA on their own. These activities have to be completed before the starting of Semester exams. Candidates can get more information on the official website.

These activities will give you the first time experience of the systematic schooling experience. This will help you in developing an understanding, mentorship abilities and problem solving techniques. These activities will help you becoming a professional and qualified teacher.


Candidates have to do a case study on the school student. As there are many problem related to school students during school like irregularity, bad handwriting and behavior towards other students.

Candidates have to do a proper case study on these topics and prepare a file for this and submit it to the NIOS D.el.ed study centers.

Candidates will get 30 hours (1 Credit) for doing this activity. This is most important SBA Activity.  

NIOS DELED SBA Case Study on Student Format

1.       Name of the Teacher Trainee:

2.       Enrollment Number:

3.       Name and Address of Study Center:

4.       Name and Address of the School:

A)     Identification of Data

1.       Name of Student

2.       Date of Birth

3.       Male/Female

4.       Guardian/Parents Name: Father Name :

   Mother Name

5.       Class in which studying:

6.       Postal Address:

7.       Monthly Income of Parents:

8.       Profession and Educational Qualification of father :

9.       Profession and Educational Qualification of mother:

10.   Number of Brother -      Sisters –

11.   Ordinal position of child among siblings

B)      Recording of Problems

1.       Objectives of Case Study

2.       Nature of Problem – Scholastic/Co-Scholastic/Punctuality/Regularity etc. (Viz-Attendance, emotion ,recreation ,playing ,speaking, writing, listening etc)

3.       Probable reasons for the problems

4.       What are the child strengths

5.       Details of intervention carried out by child

6.       Effects of intervention

Counter Signature by head Master with office seal                                         Signature by Teacher trainee

Signature of Mentor                                                                                          Signature of Supervisor

Note Case Study report need be written basing on the points mentioned above.

Additional information may be added if need be. 

-Procedure of conducting the study need be mentioned in the report

 - Study may be carried out within 3 months

You can download the pdf for the same format click Here

Check out the SBA Case Study Cover Page Format

Candidates can download the full solved Case Study in Hindi Click Here

You can use the special design project sheets that are easily available in the market. You can see in the example which you can download in pdf format from the above hindi case study link. 

Maintenance of School Register/Class records

Candidates needs to done this activity in schools.

Check Out How to Maintain School Records and Register

Contribution to the School Programmes

Every year school conducts various programs and events in its backyard. Candidates need to help in these events and make a record of their activities.

In this school principle will be your supervisor or mentor.

Candidates can do these activities in the schools where they are teaching and your school principle will monitor these activities.
Download the Contribution to School Programmes Format

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