NIOS DELED SBA Case Study Cover Page - Design and Details

Hi today we are telling you how to create a cover page of the NIOS D.EL.ED SBA - School Based Activity Case Study of the students. Case Study of student is an important task which all the untrained teachers who enrolled in DELED course by NIOS has to done.

Earlier we have told you about the SBA what SBA is? what are the activities which are need to be done? Click Here to know more about NIOS SBA.

In this article we are going to tell you about the SBA Case study cover page. How to make a cover page for Students case study.

Steps of Making SBA Case study cover page:

First you have to write National Institute of Open Schooling.
Then you have to insert NIOS logo.
Then write "School Based Activities".
Then write "Case Study of the Child"
Then write "Program Code: D.El.Ed"
Then write "Course Code: 511.1"
Then insert some line space
Then write "Name of Study Center : ............"
Then Write "Study Center Code : ................."
Then take 2 - 3 line space
Then write  Teacher's Name - ................
Enrollment Number - .............
Session - .................
Name of the school - ..............
School Address - ................
Signature - ................

Here is the example

 Candidates can take help of a Computer to take a print out of such page. You can create your own cover based on this example.

Things to be enter in the fields
Name of Study Center - Here you have to put the name of the study center where you are submitting the SBA Case study.
Study Center code - Here you have to enter the code given by NIOS to that study center.

Teacher's Name - Here you  have to enter your name.
Enrollment Number - Here you have to enter your enrollment number.
Session - Here you have to enter the session of the course.
Name of the School - Here you have to enter the School's name where you are doing your case study.
School Address- Here you have to Enter the School's address where you are doing your case study.
Signature- Here you have to put your signature.

You can download the SBA Case Study Full Solved in Hindi 

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