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Question 2. Survey some schools in your locality and enlist the major issues of the
elementary education. Suggest the ways to resolve these issues.

I have completed surveying the schools in our locality and have listed below the major
issues of elementary education and their ways to resolve them:


2. Less retention of children in school.
3. Gender discrimination among children.

Poverty- In elementary schools, one of the major issue I have noticed is poverty. They have to assist their parents at their workplace to earn some income and to carry out their livelihood of their family. From childhood they have to bear the family’s burden, and sacrifice education for it. This is one of the reason for their less involvement in schools.

Resolution- As far as concerned about this issue is that, that all the government elementary schools have data of children who study in the schools and those who don’t, all these records are maintained and reviewed every year in “BAL PANJI”. The way in which poverty can really be tackled according to me is to give more earning opportunities to their parents that the children would not have to work and can continue their studies. This would involve making a change in economy.

Less retention in schools - This is a common issue that i see in government schools. In rural areas, most illiterate parents do not pay attention to their children’s education. That is why, it is seen that most of these rural children do not attend school., and rather work and play outside of school. If there is no motivation from their parents then, it is a hard thing for children to think of themselves.

As a teacher, i think there should be a mass education campaign in rural areas to tell them and convince them that there is no future without education, and tell them the importance of education for their children and their own future. And, make education method interesting and engaging , so the children have fun learning, while will definitely lead to better number
of children in schools.

Gender discrimination among children - Discrimination based on gender is one of the impediments of elementary education. Girls are most often the victims of discrimination and are thus deprived of education. This is a curse of our society.

This is a very serious issue and should be resolved immediately. Government has provided many facilities and schemes for girls, still girls are lagging behind. So, as a teacher, i would like to stress on gender equality on the education level and tell them about the importance of girl education in our society. Overall, children from aged 6-14 have fundamental right of education irrespective of age and sex.

So, it’s easy to find out the issue that affects elementary education, their reason for not attendance, or not schooling at all. Or, if Part-time type of education is available then, they can study as well as work. And we cannot forced parents to send children to school at all situations either, as often times, it is rather important for them to work than to study, so, it is a good approach according to me that, part-time education can be implemented, if possible.

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