How to Write NIOS DELED Assignment (501, 502, 503) Answers and Responses

Hi we are going to explain you how to write NIOS Deled Assignment completely. We are trying to solve each and every prospects of NIOS DELED. Whether its is NIOS DELED SBA or NIOS Assignments we are here to tell you and help you.

Through this article we will be sharing you tips to write answers for the NIOS DELED Assignments. NIOS has not bound any rules for writing answers but there are certain ways of writing which will fetch you good marks in end.

First Making an NIOS Deled Assignment front page:

Candidates writing their assignments have to prepare the cover page of the assignment file. Here is the information which you have to fill in the first page:

1. Name of the Assignment -
2. Name -
3. Student Enrollment Number -
4. Name of Study Center -
5. Address of Study Center -
6. Unit Name -
7. Date -

How to write NIOS DELED Assignment Answers?

1. Always try to be specific. Whenever you write answer just focus upon the topic and write the short and relevant answer. Don't over do it or add irrelevant answer. Always write the answer which can be easily understood. 
2. Always write within the specified word limit of the answer. Don't exceed the limit of words while answering the questions.
3. While focusing on the word limit also focus on the description. Write adequate answers with focused points. 
4. Always write the assignment in your own handwriting. 
5. Candidate have to submit the assignment to the study centers which they have been allotted by the NIOS within the specified dates of the assignments. 

How to prepare the Assignment

1. Reads the question properly - This will help you to rewrite the question in your own words.
2. Check that you have read all the parts of question
3. Check the marking grid this will help you to write the answer properly. 
4. Write the draft copy of the assignment. Answer in the bulleted points keeping the structure in mind. 
5. First prepare the draft copy of the assignment after that prepare the final copy. 

NIOS DELED Assignment Details

1. There will be 3 course based assignments ( 2 theory and one practical). Each carries 30% of marks in final. 
2. All the assignments are compulsory. 
3. In total there will be 27 assignments. 
4. All the assignments are needed to be submitted at the Study Center whenever they are required to. 

NIOS DELED Assignments Rules and Format

All the candidates needs to be submitted the assignment in proper format to the study centers. Below are the details on the format. 

1. Write you enrollment number, Name, Address, Date at the top right hand corner of the first page of response.                         

2.  Write the Title code and Assignment code at the top of the first page of your responses. 

3. Leave the top left hand corner for the official use. Your first page must look like this: 

Study Center - ...........
Course Title - ..........
Course code - ............
Assignment Code - ..............
Enrol. No. - .....................
Name -.....................  
Address -......................
Date -  ......................

Submitting the Responses of NIOS DELED Assignment

1. Kindly follow the format of the NIOS Deled assignment strictly. 
2. Un-following the format will let you to resubmit the response sheet to the NIOS Study Center.
3. Assignment responses must be complete in all manner. 
4. Incomplete responses can bring you poor marks. 
5. Dont send responses in piece meal they may never be put in their offices
6. Do not go for very thin variety writing paper. Instead use ordinary writing paper and use only foolscap size paper for your response.
7. In the assignment response, leave a 3/2’’ margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer. This will help the resource person to evaluate the response suitably and write the befitting comments at the proper places.
8. Do not forget to keep a copy of the assignment responses that you send. You may require it in a situation when the sent assignment gets lost in postal transit or you are asked to re-submit it for any other valid reason.
9. Answer the questions on the basis of the SLM sent to you.

Download Answers

Assignment 501 (1)

Question 1 - Download

Question 2 - Download


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