DELED NIOS Assignment 501 (1) Question 1 Answer in English

Today we are sharing NIOS DELED Assignment 501 Question 1

Here is the Question

1. What type of changes you want in yourself as a teacher to cater the need of the changing society and learner? Explain with at least two examples.


According to changing nature of today’s society, we may realize the noticable changes and development taking place in the global society due to ICT(Information and communication Technology) today. ICT influences all walks of our life. This whole new social order is emerging in last couple decades. There is no precedence to these changes. The technological development and advances in the emerging world is so fast that, it is not possible to have a clear prediction of what
will happen in just a couple decades. But, One can visualize the next coming years by the following points.

a. The form of the future society that we visualize.
b. The changes taking place in the conceptual framework of education taking place due to the advancing generation.
c. Changes taking place in delivery modes.
d. will the education system of today be still relevant for the future, or are we just moving towards no progress.

This transforming generation needs an immediate plan of action for the education system to cope up with the new social structure and its unprecedented needs.

So, As a teacher, to cater the changing status of society and learners, I would like to make the following changes

1. To develop better learning-resources For today’s learning society implementation of new technologies in education is an important notion. Instructional processes are changing in respect to the learner’s autonomy. The learner is supreme and has got all the resources and choices available to select his or her strategy. New learning processes like self study, cooperative and collaborative learning, e-learning and branded learning. Group learning working-developing together, L3 groups of teachers/learners, social networking and blogs, are being used with every increasing frequency for sharing ideas, experiences, discussion and learning. Development and use of OERs, techniques and technologies for curriculum development and delivery, new pedadogy like constructive pedadogy, are proving more effective than the traditional ones in creation and sharing of knowledge.

2. Performing as technology-pedgogue Today’s education techniques are also influenced by ICT applications. We can see that ICT can be useful in curriculum development and delivery modes, learning processes, like collaborative working, learning and developing. Self study. Open educational resources. L3 groups, online learning, etc.

Teachers today have to address to the issues related to this new learning process and newer learning environment. They have to find ways to facilitate learning and accelerate the process of change. Today’s student will need new competencies, potential, skills, to be productive and efficient citizens of this global society. Education as an instrument of social change has to cater to the needs of the emerging society.

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